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Here we see a freshly SIRP'd wing being outfitted with a new STOL Kit.

This greatly enhances low end performance!

Call for more details!!

FAA Approval has been received for stc SA1702SW, (Installation of 26 gallon metal tanks)

This modification is ideal for those who love back country flying, but hate to carry a 5 gallon can of extra fuel

This will give your dog more to drink on those long flights, or that extra added cushion when conditions have changed!

This will give you 52 gallons total with 48 Gallons Usable!   

                                                                                     Here we see the tank bay modified and ready for the new tank!

Here we have a set of "A" model wings being modified for use on all other models, including the "C" model, per Cessna drawings!  Make note of our Factory wing Jigs, this ensures a "true" end result that will keep you flying straight!