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 SuperDog II

Since the SuperDog I fixed the front end of the dog, I decided it was time to fix the tail. Cessna knew this needed to be done way back in 1956, when Cessna developed and produced 27 model 321's. these aircraft were based on the 305 so the evolution is only natural!

On the SuperDog II, the old fashioned elliptical tail is done away with in favor of a Hi Aspect Ratio tail aka. (Square Tail)  Click on the SuperDog II brochure for more details!

 SuperDog I

The Cessna 305 () is normally powered by a Continental O-470-11 or -15, unfortunately these engines are no longer supported by the Factory, and spares expense is increasing along with a higher difficulty of attaining those spares.  So in an effort to keep the dog in the sky, stc SA1201SW was developed. This stc removes all the 1940's firewall forward technology and replaces it with a Factory New Firewall forward using a New Lycoming O-540-A4E5 and Hartzell 3 blade propeller!  click on the SuperDog brochure for more details, also please note that when a dog returns from SuperDog conversion, it has a lighter empty weight along with an increase in gross weight!