We offer:

-Complete Restoration

-Annual and 100 hour inspections

-Glass replacement

-landing gear alignment checks

-oil changes

-sheet metal repairs

-Major / minor alterations

-Major / minor repairs


-stc Installations

-Custom panels

Services: We offer many preventive maintenance options.

Its the Convient way to keep your dog healthy and flying straight.


Noyes Enterprises is the owner of several stc's for the Birddog!

Here are some of our popular STC's

SA281SW "Gravity feed fuel system"

SA295SW "3 Seat Tandem"

SA353SW "Removal of door for parachute ops"

SA504SW "Second oil cooler"

SA505SW "Installation of 8064 propeller" (Cruise prop)

SA656SW "Aft battery Platform"

SA657SW "Cowl Flap"

SA1201SW "Installation of Lycoming Engine" aka SuperDog I

SA1702SW "Installation of 26 Gallon fuel tanks"

SA****CE    "Installation of Square Tail" aka SuperDog II


92 Hanover St Newbury MA 01951 us

Noyes Enterprises is the choice when it comes to the

Canadian Air Force Air Cadet Gliding program for

Major maintenance and Modifications

Don't have a dog of your own?

choose your Dog.

Noyes Enterprises has on hand airframes and will custom restore a birddog to your exacting specifications,

whether you want a Viet Nam veteran or an ultra modern SuperDog I or SuperDog II for the ultimate "back country" flying experience.


(Structural Inspection And Repair Program*)

A SIRP is a total disassembly and inspection of the complete airframe of you'r tired 'ole dog. Your dog will be better for it and come out ready to "hunt"!

*    The Noyes Enterprise SIRP program is accepted by the Department of National Defense, Canada.