- Landing gear Alignments

- Fuel System Services
- Electrical Systems
- Fleet Maintenance
- Engine Work / Upgrade
 -Annual / 100 hour inspections

- SuperDog I & II Conversions

-Complete Restoration

Our experienced service department will keep your Birddog in top condition. We provide high-quality service and quick turnaround. Our mechanics are highly skilled and have years of experience. Most of all: they love Birddogs and care about yours.

our Services

Birddogs by Noyes offers a new power plant and Tail configuration for the Cessna Model 305 ( ) and L-19/0-1 Birddog for the Ultimate back country aircraft!.

Here at Noyes Enterprises we have

Quality Pre Owned Aircraft for sale.

Pre Owned

super dog I&II




    Noyes Can be reached at 978 836 0361, or E-Mail to: MisterL19@aol.comMisterL19@aol.com



92 Hanover St Newbury MA 01951 us

L19 Birddogs by Noyes

Restoring  L19 Birddogs since 1985

- Complete Safety Analysis
- Trim Problems
- Tune-ups
- Oil Changes
- Tires
- Landing gear 
- Mufflers and Exhaust Systems

-Fabric Covered Aircraft repair

We offer many preventative maintenance options. It's the convenient way to keep your dog healthy and in top condition. 

Noyes  has partnered with Industry leaders like

-Airframe Components by Williams

-Electronics International

-Knots 2 U

-Lycoming Engines

-Hartzell Propellers

-Hartzell Engine Technology

-McCauley Propeller